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Bio Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

We specialize in biotechnology and pharmaceutical processing systems and offer high quality biotechnology reactors, fermenters, and culturing vessels that meet FDA regulatory requirements. The electropolished stainless steel finish provides exceptional smoothness, enabling an easy, complete release of product, cleaning and sanitizing agents, and contaminants.

Our processing systems are flexible and are designed to meet your batch processing, fed batch, and continuous production operations. Our product line includes fully integrated turnkey systems with process automation controls, biotechnology reactor and culturing vessels, fermenters, seed train tanks, support processing equipment, and CIP (clean-in-place) systems as required for each project.

Our bioreactors are stainless steel vessels equipped with an agitator, jacket and sparger, and are designed for growing cells, supplying cells with food while maintaining optimal temperature, pH and oxygen, removing CO2.

Our fermenters are stainless steel vessels equipped with an agitator, jacket and sparger, and are designed for growing bacteria, yeast or fungi, supplying organisms with food while maintaining optimal temperature, pH and oxygen, removing CO2.

These organisms in turn produce drugs including antibiotics, vaccines, hormones including HGH, and monoclonal anti-bodies.

The substantial differences between bacteria and yeast organisms, and cells necessitate specialized processing vessels, with vessel designs based upon organisms growth rate, temperature and pH sensitivity, oxygen requirements, amount of heat generated, shear sensitivity, and foam production. Fermenters have a taller profile, its sparger is designed for higher O2 flow rate, it utilizes an internal coil to dissipate heat, and is equipped with a high- powered agitator. Bioreactors have a shorter profile, are equipped with a low O2 flow sparger, utilize jackets only, and have low shear agitators.

Our piping skid is designed to take care of inoculum, harvest, media additions, gas filtering and blending, exhaust vent filtering, heating and cooling, pH control, additive additions, clean-in-place and sterilizing-in-place functions.

Our CIP designs are configured and built to suit each client's requirements and environmental conditions. Our CIP systems utilize 2 stage rinses, a rinse water vessel, heated caustic vessels, and can be dedicated for single use or for use in one section of the plant to prevent cross contamination.

Bio pharmaceutical CIP applications typically also require steam and/or acid sanitizing cycles to adequately clean vessels and piping systems. Our CIP systems can be designed to operate manually, utilizing an integrated diverter manifold, or with its own programmable logic controller (PLC) that records the complete sequence of events.

Our patented low-temperature/short-time infrared dryers have proven highly effective in drying bio-active lactobacillus and in other pharmaceutical clean room applications.

During the process system design phase, P&ID, working volume, vessel geometry, gas flow rate, operating pressure, instruments and valves, agitator speed and size, vessel layout, piping layout, and sequence of operations will be approved before equipment is built. Comprehensive system testing includes a sterility test conducted at your job site, and a complete set of documentation accompanies each processing system.

Our new bacteria contamination test strip product is a single use device that is a revolutionary product, providing instant results at an affordable price.

New products are continually being reviewed, rated, and added to our product line to fit the changing needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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