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Brewing Ingredients

As a leading exporter and distributor of wholesale brewing ingredients, we offer craft brewers the world's finest and freshest malt, hops, and yeast, with quick reliable delivery and one stop shopping convenience.

At McKinnon International we are very particular about quality. We utilize our integrated supply chain to work hand in hand with brewers, enabling them to produce consistently high quality beers while achieving superior brewhouse performance.

Base and specialty malt products are offered in bags and in bulk in a full spectrum of colors and flavors.

American and European hop varieties are available primarily in type 90 hop pellets packed in 5kg or 20 kg foils, raw hop bales and foil sealed mini bales, and downstream hop oil and extract products.

The best beers are made with fresh, pure, liquid yeast cultures. We offer an extensive selection of yeast for ales, lagers, wheat beers, and Belgian Brettanomyces and Lambicus cultures.

We recognize that each brewer has product preferences, so we also offer a range of true lager and specialty ale yeast in a dry, ready to pitch form.

For Belgian wheat beer and seasonal specialty beers, we supply spices and locally grown berries and fruits packaged aseptically at the peak of their ripeness.

Fresh ingredients bring out the best flavor in craft brewed beer!

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